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Alpha Montessori School is a Private school in Plano that has been serving Allen and North Dallas, educating children with a genuine Montessori curriculum. We have grown from an In-home Montessori school to a multiple location school. We are a fully certified and licensed by Texas Health and Human Services. Our Montessori School in Plano is one of the best montessori schools in Dallas and offers big beautiful classrooms for your children to explore, a state of the art natural playground, and opportunities for academic and social growth. Both schools are open year-round and offer daycare drop-in days during public school holidays.

Alpha Montessori is one of the only schools that has a fully Vegetarian Menu at our Plano campus and a Vegetarian option at our Frisco campus. Lunch is included in full and extended day tuition along with 2 nutritious snacks. Each campus has a highly-trained chef to prepare fresh, vegetarian meals in our state of the art kitchen each day.

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Alpha Montessori School Plano | Montessori School in Plano
  • 4815 Rasor Blvd, Plano TX 75024
  • NW Rasor Blvd and Ohio Dr (Next to Bawarchi Biryani)

Heidi Bass

I have been so impressed with Alpha Montessori. We enrolled my daughter at 1 year old and she’s now 3. I’ve watched her education and intellect grow exponentially. She has moved up quickly from class to class. Potty training was a breeze. She’s so independent and so focused when doing tasks and I know it’s from her schooling. I’ve seen huge strides between her and my friends’ children who are the same age and are homeschooled. She’s more intelligent and great at problem solving as well as communicating. I knew Montessori was going to be a priority and the best thing about Alpha is that it’s an affordable option. All the teachers are super welcoming and they are very good about calling if there are any mishaps. Kids will be kids and biting and bumps/scrapes happen, but they are quick to notify me or my husband. I really do tell anyone looking for a school for their child to go to Alpha Montessori. We’ve been so happy with them and I only write reviews when it’s really deserved.

Infant Daycare in Plano:

We offer Infant Daycare Program for infants from 3 months – 18 months at both our locations – Plano & Frisco. We have Dedicated & Trained Infant Guides for diapering, feeding and other times and follow a child’s natural schedule for sleeping, eating and playing to meet his or her needs.

Our Infant Classrooms are carefully prepared to provide a Montessori environment that emulates the comfort and calm nature of your home, and not a daycare center. It is safe and secure, with plenty of floor space for children to move and explore, as they are ready.

We also invite families to spend time with us prior to enrolling your baby at Montessori. Learn more about our Infant Program to Know more about how our teachers & infant guides interact and nurture your child.

Toddler Daycare in Plano:

We offer Toddler Program for children aged 18 months- 3 years old at both our locations – Plano & Frisco. Children are not required to be potty-trained to enter our Toddler program.

Our Toddler Daycare Teachers are Montessori Trained and they skillfully guide toddlers through language, Social interaction, self-help skills, fine and gross motor skills, and creativity

We also keep Parents continually updated about their child’s progress with weekly and daily reports detailing activities, naps, food, and potty training, making us one of the trusted daycare in Plano, Texas and preschools in Plano, Texas. Learn more about our Toddler Program to Know more about how our teachers nurture your child and what your child learns at our Montessori School.

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Primary School in Plano:

We offer Primary Program for children aged 3 years – 6 years old at both our locations – Plano & Frisco. Children are required to be potty-trained to enter our Primary program.

We are one of the best montessori preschools in plano and offer a curriculum that is individually paced to meet each child where their needs are. Students are free to learn at their own pace, move around the room, work with physical materials designed for specific lessons, and collaborate with one another to learn new information.

Includes at least one three-hour ‘work period’ that allows them to attain mastery over their knowledge and skills. Kids develop skills like practical life skills, sensorial skills, numbers, and mathematical operations, reading and writing, art and music, and introduction to Science and Geography.

Know more about our Primary Program to understand about our teachers and your child’s learning with Alpha Montessori.

Elementary School in Plano:

We offer Elementary Program for children aged 6 years – 9years old at both our locations – Plano & Frisco.

Here, Children are introduced to sounds and symbols which helps reading and writing in the future. They will learn about numbers, decimal systems, water forms, geometric figures, parts of plants and animals, and about music and art. 

They learn with self-paced lessons guided by instructors who are familiar with each kid’s strengths and weaknesses.  Children are allowed to work in small groups on projects with expert guidance.

Know more about our Elementary Program to understand about our Elementary teachers and your child’s Elementary learning with Alpha Montessori.

After School Program and Summer camp in Plano:

We provide After School Program and Summer camp in Both Plano & Frisco, serving Allen, North Dallas, and Mckinney.

For Summer camps, Alpha Montessori School, Plano offers a thoughtful mix of continued curriculum along with exciting activities during the summer months for children from 6 years-12 years including STEM learning, weekly field trips, drama, art, and writers workshops.

Being one of the best Montessori schools in Dallas, After School Program at Alpha Montessori School, Plano safely transports elementary students from local elementary schools to engage in homework help, structured games, and outside play time at both of our campuses with an after school snack included.

Know more about our After School Program & Summer Camp

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