Our Parent Testimonials

Here, our Parents talk about their experience with our School. Alpha Montessori appreciates all its Parents for taking time to give testimonials.

Parents talk about how well the Alpha Montessori preschool curriculum is structured and how it helped in setting up their child for future success. Alpha Montessori curriculum allows kids to learn at their own pace and gives personal direction based on his/her talent. Parents also appreciate the healthy and nutritious food provided at both of our campuses – Plano & Frisco.

Alpha Montessori School is also recognized as the Top Montessori School in Plano & Frisco as it helps their children to learn life skills apart from Academics like setting up the table, cooking, working in the garden, wash dishes, taking care of themselves from a very young age and more.

We take personal care for each individual child and teach them independence and self-regulation. We have an environment that is nurturing and encouraging where we will instill the values of empathy, social awareness, and kindness.