Alpha Montessori was established in 2007 by Rupali Abdulpurkar. We have 2 beautiful locations in the Plano and Frisco area and serve children from ages 3 months to 10 years in our infant, toddler, preschool and lower elementary classrooms. Additionally, we offer a variety of programs, either full-time or part-time, including before and/or after school day care and summer camps, to suit the needs of any family.

At Alpha Montessori, children love learning and have fun doing it. You see it in the enthusiastic faces of the Toddler children as they race to their classroom each morning, and in the way Preschool children passionately approach their Montessori works.

We hold our students to high standards, and our nurturing and dedicated faculty creates an environment where students embrace the challenges presented in and out of the classroom. In my mind, no pre-school provides a better balance of program in academics, social skills and extra curricular activities. Expectations of excellence in all three areas give the children the best and broadest foundation, while allowing them to excel in their strengths.

At Alpha Montessori, we celebrate individual differences. Our community is a dynamic blend of cultures, backgrounds and genders. Our curriculum integrates multiculturalism and diversity in each class, preparing the children to actively engage in our increasingly connected world.

Alpha Montessori is a unique place and I say that not only as the Owner and Head of School, but also as a parent of a graduate. The honor, respect and compassion instilled in each child, combined with the balanced education, fully prepare them for success throughout their lives.

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Alpha Montessori Guiding Statements

Vision statement

My vision for the future of Alpha Montessori School is to continue serving the North Dallas community with un-matched quality Montessori education and to build a strong foundation for each child not only academically but also as a future citizen of the world. I want to make sure a genuine Montessori education is available for everybody.

Mission statement

Nurture, Inspire, Excel! Alpha Montessori School creates a nurturing Montessori environment that allows children to gain a sense of independence under the watchful eye of loving guides. We strive to inspire our students to grow into responsible stewards of the future and to make a positive contribution to global peace one act of kindness at a time. Our students excel academically because they gain a life-long love of learning.

Our Team

Mrs. Rupali Abdulpurkar, Founder and CEO of Alpha Montessori School

Mrs. Rupali Abdulpurkar

Owner/Head of School

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Mrs. Rupali Abdulpurkar is the Owner and Head of School. She earned her teaching certification through the American Montessori Society for Infants through Elementary and has over 12 years of classroom teaching experience in schools in Plano, Dallas, and Stockholm, Sweden. She also holds degrees in Homeopathic Medical Sciences and a Bachelors of Science in Business from Bombay University, India.

She started Alpha Montessori School in her home with the vision that giving every child the chance at a genuine Montessori education is one of the best ways to make a positive contribution to society. Her schools are her personal legacy and she is passionately involved in the day to day operations. It is especially important to her to be accessible for conversation with students, parents, faculty, and staff. She brings with her a love for learning and teaching both from a mother’s perspective and a teacher’s whose focus is on lifetime learning.

Ms. Lynda Landreth, Montessori Program Advisor of Alpha Montessori School

Ms. Lynda Landreth

Montessori Program Advisor

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Lynda Landreth has been involved with Montessori education for thirty years, serving as a parent, teacher, director and owner of private schools in the Dallas, TX area. She holds a BFA degree in Fine Arts and C.M.E. in Montessori Primary education. In addition to her work with Montessori schools as a consultant, she presents seminars for parents and teachers on how to build character values in children. The Character For Kids seminars are currently being conducted in universities in Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania, as well as the U.S., with the goal of training future teachers to be models of character and to give them an understanding of the way children acquire these values. Values presented in the seminar are honesty, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, courage, caring, and fairness, all of which are qualities taught in Montessori schools around the world.

As an advocate for children who are living in a busy high-tech world, Lynda Landreth is continuing research for a new book on the “wonders” and “wounds” of childhood that make up the person one becomes as an adult. Psychologists warn that the first years of life are the foundation for a child’s success as an adult. There are basic dependent needs which must be met during these critical years: being cared for, feeling accepted and loved, and given opportunities to explore their world.
Unfortunately, many parents are not aware of these critical years from birth to age six, so the incidence of unacceptable behavior and failure in school continues to increase. Many parents simply do not know how to respond to their growing, inquisitive child. The Montessori experience combined with informed parents make a good team for achieving our goal of raising good children.

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