18 months – 3 years

Alpha Montessori’s bright and sunny pre-primary classrooms are beautiful environments designed for children ages 18 months- 3 years old. Tiny furniture, low hooks for jackets, small toilets and low sinks foster independence and self-sufficiency. Your child will paint, cook, water the garden, sweep with a miniature broom, wash dishes, and play with materials that develop fine and gross motor coordination while progressing through the pre-primary curriculum. In this thought-out environment, each young child will experience his/her first exploration into the world. Each choice, every movement, will build on itself.


Language development is an important area of growth for toddlers. We practice receptive and two-way communication with toddlers as guides incorporate language exercises into all areas of learning. A child’s desire to communicate and be heard is a strong motivator to practice and master these skills. Much of the work in the pre-primary classroom will enhance this emerging skill through daily living, language cards with realistic objects, songs and stories. Every day will be exciting and new to a toddler at Alpha Montessori School.


My son has been attending Alpha Montessori for approximately 5 months. His teacher has been great getting him acclimated early on from having a sitter to having to go to school with other children. ... Read more+

Anthony Le