3 months – 18 months

Alpha Montessori School cares for infants from 3 months - 18 months. We offer an interactive environment rich with opportunities to learn about the world through use of all five senses. Infant guides interact individually with children during diapering, feeding and other times of direct interaction to make sure all children feel loved and well-cared for with their immediate needs being met. Each child is on his or her individual schedule, so school life mimics home life to create an ease of transition between the two.


In addition, Infant Development program at Alpha Montessori School is designed to encourage, assist and protect the normal development of each child with the primary aspects of the program defined as movement and independence. Children will flourish in our prepared environments which respect, support and respond to their basic needs for independence, exploration and building of trust and self-esteem.


My son has been attending Alpha Montessori for approximately 5 months. His teacher has been great getting him acclimated early on from having a sitter to having to go to school with other children. ... Read more+

Anthony Le